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How It All Started

How do I learn to code and change my life?

What do I need to do to be a successful programmer?

Why am I easily giving up along the way?

By teaching thousands of people how to code, I learned that most of them usually struggle with the same questions and barriers.

They don’t have motivation or specific goals for their learning process. They don't know what technology to start with. And there are nowhere for them to learn real skill sets to solve real problems.

We need another way to learn effectively.

Product-Oriented-Approach Benefits

In my methodology which I called POA (Product-Oriented-Approach), you just need to learn what you need. This approach is far better than just boring theory of coding which leads you to nowhere.

Learning this way, it will get you something REAL quickly and efficiently, especially for Entrepreneur and Founders.

You know what, the advantages of this approach are:

SHORT timeframe for your learning curve

You learn only MINIMUM tech stacks

You finish with a COMPLETED end-product

Getting CONFIDENCE to transform any business ideas to LIVE

AI Premium Series

Learn how to build awesome startups
step-by-step with Pro courses

How to build UberEats with Python/Django and Swift (for iOS) - LEVEL 1
6 hours
Build Crowdsourced Delivery App with Python/Django and Progressive Web App - LEVEL 1
6 hours
Build Room Booking site like AirBnb with Ruby on Rails - LEVEL 1
10 hours

Modern Startup Tech Stacks

Ruby on Rails
Back-end framework
Back-end framework
Programming language
Front-end framework
UI framework
Online payment
Online payment
Code hosting
Cloud platform

Meet the Instructor

πŸ‘‹ Hey, I'm Leo

A Stay-at-home dad of 2 kids

Founder of Code4Startup and several side projects.

I quit my job as a fulltime software engineer in 2015 and stepped into unknow realm - the startup world.

Being a solo founder and a maker, I crossed $2M milestone over the course of 7 years by teaching thousands of people how to code and build meaningful stuff.

So, let’s rock!!! πŸŽ‰ 😎 🀘 πŸ‘Š

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