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Yes, I personally replied 281 emails from you

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In the previous post, I shared with you my journey all the way.
There were 281 responses and that really surprised me :)

Thanks guys for sharing!
For the first time, I read every single email in my Inbox.
For the first time, I replied every single email in my Inbox (except Melek, Abraham. Sorry guys, I missed your emails).

It took me almost one day to do that with 3 cups of coffee and 281 emails.
I did ask you about your goal and why you want that.

Your goals:

  • “Create a startup”
  • “Create a side project while working full-time”
  • “Create a passive income stream”

To achieve what you want…

  • “More time to spend with my family”
  • “More freedom to do work that I enjoy”
  • “More control over my future”
  • “More freedom to travel the world”
  • The big question now is how can you get there?

How can you achieve the goal that you’ve set?

To get there, it’s going to take time. Sweat. Tears. And a lot of mistakes.

Mistake #1: It’s not a good time to start.

“Leo, you know…”
“I don’t have much time.”
“I don’t have much money.”
“It must be easy for you but I don’t know how to code to create a product.”
“I’m not ready man!”
“It’s not a good time for me to start a project or startup.”

I get it.

But you know what?
There is never a good time to start.
You will never have enough time, money or resources to start.
Having your own business brings a lot of uncertainty.

But, great entrepreneurs start BEFORE they’re ready.
While you’re still waiting for the perfect time, they get going.

I bought the domain, created the coming soon page, hosted on Digital Ocean, made it live, submitted on Betalist, Erlibird in just 2 days after I first got idea of Code4Startup.
To be honest, I wasn’t in hurry but I just DID it.
The very first step is the hardest one.
Once I made it, I felt so relief and motivated to take the second step.

Code4Startup Coming Soon page

Mistake #2: Making incredibly detailed plans.

When you need to do something serious, you need a plan.
That’s damn true.
Most of times you will spend weeks or even months to build your business plan with awesome projected charts, dozens of perfect potential features and estimated growth figures.

Nothing’s wrong with that.
The problem is that while you’re still planning, the others are executing in the real world and gaining firsthand consumer insight.

Speed of execution.
How fast you go from idea to implementation is one of the most important things leading to success.

Don’t believe me?
We got our KickStarter plan (Pre launch, During launch & Post launch) in matter of 7 hours and we started working on it the next day.

  • 2 hours: Brainstorming anything we need to run
  • 4 hours: Discussing the specific “blocks” and details
  • 1 hours: Who do What and the deadlines

Code4Startup KickStarter Pre-launch plan

And how it works?
Well, that “paper” just helped us raised $39,586 in only 8 days <3And how it works?

Mistake #3: Building solutions in search of a problem

Surprisingly, it’s not too hard for us to come up with GREAT ideas along with assumption that there’s DEFINITELY a market for it.
And with that assumption and CONFIDENCE, we’re going to spend weeks and months with thousands of $$$ to transform our GREAT idea into a GREAT product.
Once we’re done.
No one wants it.
If we’re lucky enough, there are few…

So, identify the problem first.
Then build the solution that people need.
NOT the solution that YOU THINK they need.

Mistake #4: Serving everyone with hope that money will come.

Quite often, I hear something like:
“I want to build my startup and make it as free service to attract thousands users like Facebook or Instagram. And once I got thousands of them using my free services, I believe money will naturally come my way”.
Good luck with that!
To build a sustainable business:
20,000 registered users is not validation.
10,000 users using free services is not validation
The psychology of “FREE” is so different and only MONEY is validation.
As an early stage startup, you need to validate your idea quickly and cheaply.
And that means you might want to ask your users to pay for your solution as soon as possible.

Avoid those mistakes and get started

We need an action plan.
Now you’re clear about what you want to achieve.
Now you’re clear about why you want that.

But here is the problem:

  • YOU don’t know WHERE to start to improve your skill.
  • YOU don’t know HOW to create your ideal product.

In the next post, I’m going to show you how to transform your idea into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and how to use that to reach your goal.

I’m also going to share all marketing and growth hacking strategies that I used to gain 30K+ registered users over the last 18 months since I started Code4Startup.

Talk soon. Have good weekend!

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