Hi, my name is Leo Trieu I’m 38 and father to a 8-year-old boy.

I designed and coded the Code4Startup platform with Ruby on Rails in 3 days only but it took me almost 2 and half months to create just 5 hours of video for my very first two educational courses ever, Zero and Ninja. WHY? Because I am not a native English speaker and I had to practice and repeat hundreds of times. But I kept trying and never gave up.

I bootstrapped this startup with a dream of educating MILLIONS people from around the world. Code4Startup is not just about learning how to code, it's also about inspiring people to create something meaningful, something they are excited about.

So if I can start my journey, WHY CAN'T YOU???

My 2020 Review: The $1M Journey of a stay-at-home Dad (or Dev)

5 min read

I was about to share my review for 2020 but suddenly noticed that it’s already been 5 years since I quit my full-time job and jumped into an uncertain journey. [...]

2016 in Review - From Coder To Entrepreneur and the $300K/annual milestone

5 min read

2016 seems to be one of the biggest years of change I’ve ever had (business & personal side) so I just wanted to reflect key milestones of my journey over last year. [...]

If you want to start a side project, this is a Must-Read...

5 min read

In the previous post, I promised to show you how to transform your idea into an MVP and share growth hacking strategies that I used to gain traction in early stage. [...]

Yes, I personally replied 281 emails from you

5 min read

In the previous email, I shared with you my journey all the way. There were 281 responses and that really surprised me. Thanks guys for sharing! [...]

I made $150K over the last 12 months since I quit my job

5 min read

Note: This was the exact content of the email I sent out to C4S community on June 30, 2016. This is unusual email because I normally don’t say what I’m about to share [...]

[AMA] 2016 and I looked back my way in 2015

5 min read

Code4Startup (or C4S like we called it) was just a side project that I worked on while I was working full-time as a software engineer. I quit my job around September 2015 [...]

I Quit My Job Today to challenge Code4Startup in Silicon Valley

5 min read

I sat in the Gloria Jean’s coffee and reflected the passed road since I founded C4S. I started with sleepless nights, long hours of English practicing [...]

Real-time web development against multiple devices

5 min read

It’s already very obvious to many software developers that one of the most important aspects of development process is the time it takes to see target application [...]

How a Chinese student hacked my TaskNinja application

5 min read

This week, I wanted to share with you an interesting situation regarding security in Angular and Firebase that I experienced with my TaskNinja application. [...]

Learn to code, create a startup and f*cking rule this world. Really?

5 min read

Today, the dream has changed. Everyone with a cool idea can create something to start their own career and commence to work on their own project. [...]