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In a lean startup way, we need to create a Landing Page to capture email signups and drive traffic to your site while focusing on building your startup app. "Launching" a startup this way, we can partly validate our idea and value proposition. You will:

What you will learn:

  • Build a typical Startup Landing Page to capture emails signups

  • Use Chrome Developer Tools to edit Bootstrap template easily

  • Make the page responsive for mobile, tablet & desktop

  • Embed MailChimp code to begin email marketing

  • Use Wufoo to validate your startup idea

  • Apply basic SEO techniques

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  • Introduction

    • Introduction to good examples of Startup Landing Page 2:01  
    • Some typical designs 3:41  
    • How to get started 3:44  
  • Create Startup Landing Page

    • Getting start with free but awesome Bootstrap template 9:03  
    • Create Header Section 11:51  
    • Create Services Section 9:59  
    • Create Features Section 8:37  
    • Create Footer Section 6:51  
  • MailChimp

    • MailChimp for email signups & marketing campaigns 8:34  
  • Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics for monitoring website performance 5:33  
  • Wufoo

    • Survey with email campaign to validate startup idea 5:54  
  • Deploying and Hosting for FREE

    • Deploy and host landing page on Github for FREE 8:11  
  • Registering domain name and Hosting for REAL

    • Register domain name with Bluehost  
    • Hosting on Bluehost 6:13