ReactJS for Newbies in 1 hour [ES6 Version]


Leo Trieu

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Course Description:

This short course will cover basic and core concepts that you need to know to get up and running with ReactJS in just 1 hour. And you will learn with ES6 syntax which is the new version of Javascript.

ReactJS is a Javascript library for building user interfaces. It's flexible, fast, easy to learn and fun to work with. ReactJS is designed to make the process of building modular, reusable user interface components simple and intuitive.

React was developed at Facebook and focuses on the 'View' aspect of MVC in web applications. React was built for the purpose of developing applications that are large in nature and have to deal with time changing data.

Who should join this course?

Anyone!!! Because:

  • You don't have to install any software to work with. Code right away using an online editor.

  • React is a small library and easy to learn.

  • This course is fun :)

  • While it is helpful to have an understanding of Javascript, it is not necessary.

You will walk away with:

  • A taste of how to build your very first React component.

  • How to handle events in components.

  • Understand two key concepts of React: State and Props.

  • How to reuse and nest components.

  • How to transfer data between Parent, Child components.

  • How to work with Array, Form.

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    Ксения Пелипенко

    the most understandable introduction to the react! thanks!

  • 135d91624367f8521e1595f2ffb8428b

    Zakir Jaafar

    Simple and concise to the point on intro to React.

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    Jason Noronha

    Good stuff. Quick and efficient to move forward

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    Fahmi San

    Sufficient intro to React before moving on to the next level

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    Maryam Morounkeji

    Great intro to React

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    Pussaaon Jungjatuporn

    Very nice intro

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    Awesome for a quick intro to React!

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    Praveen Chandramohan

    Awesome Intro

  • 109c98e15e9b55fbb858a12acf6c892a


    Very good course for a quick intro

  • Task 1: Quick Intro ReactJS

    • What is React? 0:50  
    • Why React? 2:00  
    • JSX 0:57  
  • Task 2: Getting Started

    • Your First React Component 5:12  
    • Working with Events 3:28  
  • Task 3: Data Flow between Components

    • Working with State 5:14  
    • Reusable Components 3:01  
    • Working with Property - Data 3:07  
    • Working with Property - Function 4:34  
    • Data between Child Components 7:38  
  • Task 4: Refactor Product List

    • Working with Array 4:45  
    • Adding Product Form 6:31  
    • Creating Product Function 5:40  
    • What's Next? 0:56