Learn how to build iOS Game with Swift 3 for newbies


Leo Trieu

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Course Description:

In this course you will learn the basics about the framework SpriteKit. I going to explain some theory and some practice examples so that you know a lot more about SpriteKit after this course.

The course is structured to help you quickly understand 2 key concepts so that you can start creating your first game straight away without any delay.

After each video you will understand more and more fundamentals about developing games with SpriteKit.

Create your own game to impress your boy friend, girl friend or your kids <3

Who should join this course?

Anyone!!! Because:

  • It's easy to learn with very little pieces of code.

  • You want to learn to develop own games.

  • This course is fun :)

  • Require minimum programming knowledge..

You will walk away with:

  • A taste of how to create your mini game quickly with ease.

  • How to create a game for your iPhone.

  • Understand key concepts in creating iOS games.

  • How to create different Scenes in your game.

  • How to import awesome fonts to your game.

  • How to create Animation with Sprite.

  • How to create physical contact between game characters.

  • How to create behaviours, logic, sounds and game effect.

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  • Task 1: Starter

    • What game are we building? 0:57  
    • Download Assets + Source code  
    • SKSpriteKit 5:38  
    • Scale Mode 7:22  
    • Anchor Point 5:19  
  • Task 2: Menu Scene

    • Create Menu Scene 7:16  
    • Create Game Label 8:15  
    • Create Game Action 8:26  
  • Task 3: Game Scene

    • Create Game Scene 5:49  
    • Create Infinite Background 17:13  
    • Create Animation 3:44  
    • Create Physic Body 6:21  
    • Swift Impulse 5:45  
    • Create Your Dinosaur 8:18  
  • Task 4: Game Effects

    • Physical Contact 9:04  
    • Audio 4:25  
    • Score 11:16  
    • Game Over 9:54