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On 26 Jan 2015, CodeSchool was acquired by Pluralsight for $36M.

On 9 Apr 2015, LinkedIn bought online education site Lynda.com for $1.5B (that's right, with a "B").

Online education sites like this are so inspirational to startups and Code4Startup is not an exception. I myself also want to be there one day!

What you will learn

In this project, I will walk you through steps of how to create a very simple online education web application, a "newbies version" of Code4Startup. What you will learn:

  • Ruby on Rails with practical code & design

  • Understand how MVC Model works in Rails.

  • Work with Wistia Video APIs.

  • Design your web app with Material Design.

  • How to embed Twitter Widget into your website to get more social engagements.

  • Get Google Map API into your website.

  • Go Live with Heroku to share your work with this world.

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    Enrique Reyes Reyes

    Awesome course

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    Thi Hai Ha HOANG

    Hello! Is this course still available? I couldn't see any video when I clicked the link! Could you please give it a check? Anyway thank you so much for sharing :)

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    Mohamed Taha

    thanks mate, great tuto

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    John Cena

    Awesome course

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    Tademe Bless

    simple in clear language

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    Thanks Guys! Great Tuto!

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    Amazing course and main point is my all doubt is clear_

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    Aparna Ts

    Simple n easy!!

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    Nice one!

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    Simple concise and enjoyable, only negative that ended up as a positive; was the code was outdated and you needed to do you research to bring the code up to date.

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    Tien Le

    i love this course. This is the first time I'm able to create a simple but work successfully application. There are few steps to overcome but i finally made it. Thank you Leo!

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    Shay A

    love this! Incredibly helpful. Slightly outdated as many of the sources used have updated their codes. However, remains informative and requires a little critical thinking which is important as it helps you understand the code, as opposed to copy along without understanding.

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    It is good course for beginners

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    Anton Novoselov

    Nice and useful course. Cons: Little bit outdated - wistia api, google map api, no source code provided for shown in videos. But anyway cool course! Thanks!

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    Excellent insight into how simple it can be to learn Rails and deploy a website. Great for beginners.

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    best course ever

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    Hoàng Phan

    I've just backed for "AirBnb 2" after finishing this awsome course!

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    Well taught and well thought-out course. I hit a small snag not being able to figure out why my remaining text characters will not show, but i'm sure i'll figure it out someday. Reminding myself of Reid Hoffman's famous quote: "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late." Thanks for this one, Leo. Onward to the next course!

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    Ben fatta!!! Complimenti!!

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    Raghu Gowda

    Best online training course for developer

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    Veronika Dee

    There were many problems installing rails that were not covered in the tutorial and the accent of the tutor is hard to understand. Also the code he shows for Material Design is out of date . Nevertheless the course is very valuable.

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    Alfonso Vergara

    There are missing steps in the evolution of the course. Difficult to follow if you have little or no ruby and ROR knowledge. I recommend anyone looking to get into ROR or ruby to take true intro course into ruby, then an intro in ROR. The scaffolding video was okay but needs to go more in depth in what's going on. I'll give it 3 stars for content and an additional star for effort. I wonder how all his reviews are all five stars, odd...

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    Thành Trịnh Thế

    Great job! Thanks you! A small thing I meet, that is most of css and js Api referred by you was be changed, but tutorial videos can't do that.

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    Elayan Hamamrah

    Full respect, Great Tutorials and new Ideas.

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    This was so interesting, not just for the coding part but for the workflow as well. Thank you!

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    Coding never been this easy! Thank you Leo

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    Amir Syairazi

    You Are The Man Leo ! It is easy to understand through step-by-step videos in this courses. Amazing Job..

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    Furkan Yilmaz

    Would be great to show more references for details

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    Sebastian Plasschaert

    What a perfect introduction to Rails. I needed to get used to Leo's methods. But by showing the bigger picture of a technique, you can fill out the blanks yourself. Thanks Leo.

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    Nael Ahmed

    Really easy to follow and quickly to build an app within a short time! I'm already excited to finish upcoming tutorials ;)

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    Thank you Leo, you have done an amazing job!!

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    Thank you so much Leo for your sincere effort, Universe answered me thru your course, I do really want an easy ruby on rail tutorial for beginner and I got it from you.

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    Alisson Medeiros

    Very nice, thanks Leo.

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    Amazing, thank Leo.

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    Daniel Naranjo

    Leo, it was great course, very refreshing and easy to digest. I hope you send a "coupon" for paid version in near future... Greeting from Venezuela ;)

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    Jordan Belfort

    Amazing, i am planning to enroll in the paid course soon.

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    Simon Ou

    Still watching the videos but so far so good. I like the your explanation and approach to teaching. Keep up the good work Leo. Will definitely enroll in your Pro course.

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    Elliott Hindman

    Very nice.

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    Joe Minock

    This IS the best way to get going with Ruby / Ruby on Rails and absolutely the best tutorial site that I've used. Almost every other tutorial site or less starts at a foundation level and moves up... never establishing a basis for what you're doing and why you're doing it, and this is a hard way to learn. Leo's process of building a product and then getting into the intricacies of the code helps connect the "What and the Why" of development. I'm a BIG fan of this process and will continue to leverage this site for my getting back to coding.

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    Silviu Colea

    It's one of the most simple yet effective tutorials I've ever seen in this matter.Thank you very much!

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    The best introduction to Rails from all that I've ever seen. It is clear, quickly and so interesting. Thanks Leo!

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    Dean Moyes

    Bravo! This course is awesome, Leo. I'm new to RoR but everything was clearly explained and I didn't think that was simple to just create a system like that. You're doing great man. I'm your big fan now.

  • 4457883?v=3

    Caleb Sylvest

    A great intro to Ruby on Rails. The course was easy to follow along, and astounding how quickly a simple CRUD platform could be built with Rails. Thanks Leo!

  • Task 1: Starter

    • Meet your new friend, Ruby on Rails 3:14  
  • Task 2: Installation and Setting up

    • Install Ruby, Rails for MAC OS X 10.9 or higher  
    • Install Ruby, Rails for MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8  
    • Installing Ruby, Rails for Windows  
    • Setting up Wistia 5:28  
  • Task 3: Creating Code4Newbies project

    • Initialising project folder 4:23  
    • Creating 2 static pages: About & Contact 4:12  
    • Adding Material Design into our application 7:55  
  • Task 4: Relaxing and having fun

    • Adding Twitter Timeline into About page 6:47  
    • Adding Google Map into Contact page 5:16  
  • Task 5: Creating MVC model for videos

    • Introduce MVC model 1:40  
    • How to use scaffold generator to create MVC model 15:43  
  • Task 6: Refactoring our application

    • Refactoring video form 8:35  
    • Refactoring video index page 3:12  
    • Refactoring video show page 9:54  
    • Working with Wistia Video APIs 9:23  
    • Working with the Next & Previous buttons 7:16  
  • Task 7: Go Live with Heroku & Fly

    • Deploying our app on Heroku 7:35