Build MyPokemons app with Swift 3 in 1 hour


Leo Trieu

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This is a crush course covering basic concepts of Swift in just around 1 hour by creating a very simple game called "My Pokemons". It is designed for Newbies or Beginners only. After finishing this course, you will understand key points about Swift and how to design and build an iOS App with Xcode.

Who It's For

  • Beginners

  • Promotion seekers

  • Entrepreneurs & Founders

  • Designers

  • Front-end Developers

You will walk away with:

  • How to install Xcode 8.

  • How to create a new iOS app from scratch..

  • How to design your iOS app with Auto Layout and UI controls like Images, TextField, Button and more.

  • You also learn how to handle sound effects for actions in a game.

  • How to handle logic with custom functions, IF condition and FOR loop.

  • How to design icon for your iOS app.


No requirements for this. Just enjoy it.

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    Gonzalo Zapater

    Hi leo last month i had this course in my dashboard but now is locked?

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    Prakash Yalamarthi

    Really Helpful. For beginners, it is very useful. The concept is very interesting which attracts learners. Thanks Leo. Please do more videos for Swift. :)

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    Jany Mai

    This course really basic to learn. Nice project to help students can know about how to build a demo basic app with swift. One of an intuitive approach. Easy to understand about it. Thanks Leo

  • Task 1: Installation

    • Intro My Pokemons project and install Xcode 3:51  
    • Download Source code & Resources  
  • Task 2: Working with Playground

    • Quick intro Swift 3 and Playground 2:57  
  • Task 3: Start new project

    • Creating an empty project 3:33  
  • Task 4: Building UI

    • Learn how to build and design UI 13:59  
  • Task 5: Adding button

    • Create the Poke Ball Button 5:40  
  • Task 6: Searching for Pokemons

    • Add searching function to textfield 11:41  
  • Task 7: Showing Pokemon

    • How to work with Images 4:04  
  • Task 8: Playing with sounds

    • Add sound effects to actions 8:42  
  • Task 9: Add icon to your app

    • How to design and create icons for your app 5:22  
  • What's next?

    • Build UberEats app with Swift 3, Xcode 8 and Python 3:22