Fundamental Python for newbies in just 1 hour


Leo Trieu

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This is a crush course covering basic concepts of Python in just around 1 hour. It is designed for Newbies or Beginners only. After finishing this course, you will understand key points about Python and that's enough for you to move forward to the Advanced Level quickly.

Who It's For

  • Beginners

  • Promotion seekers

  • Entrepreneurs & Founders

  • Designers

  • Front-end Developers


No requirements for this. Just enjoy it.

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    Jason Noronha

    Good intro. Unfortunately, its a bit too simplistic to do much with. Maybe you can create a Pro course about using Python for web scraping - would be super useful for startups.

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    Andrew John


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    Viv Galinari

    This course is really great to understand how all the pieces fit together. Short and sweet! Perfect to grasp all concepts. Thanks Leo

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    Christopher Davies

    Good intro to Python, clear and easy to understand.

  • Edca779d990c0e36031b5e1e2883d306


    Good start thanks.

  • Bc180e00a3871879ef7382571e0718ab

    Good start to learn Python. I learn python here and then start the UberEAT project

  • 7a0701f73e80da8b466634f58a0dcb33


    Thanks Leo, Great job covering the basics! I'm can't wait to dig in and learn more!

  • Task 1: Installation

    • Install Python and Atom 6:52  
  • Task 2: Variables & String

    • Understand variables and how to work with String 8:28  
  • Task 3: Numbers & Math

    • Understand Numbers and Math functions 7:03  
  • Task 4: Lists

    • Work with Lists 9:41  
  • Task 5: Dictionaries

    • How to work with Dictionaries 8:17  
  • Task 6: Control Flow

    • How to work with control flow 8:07  
  • Task 7: Functions

    • How to work with Functions 7:16  
  • Task 8: Classes

    • How to work with Classes 7:03  
  • Task 9: Modules

    • How to work with Modules 4:24