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Course Description:

In this project, you will be learning how to build a 2 sided marketplace like Fiverr with Python Django and Braintree, a payment gateway. This project will take you through everything from setup to execution and from empty folder to a real app…but it won't stop there. You won’t just be watching these’ll actually build this site yourself..

With Django, you don't need to be developer to take this project. With minimum of basic programming language, you will see this project is super easy and fast to get started and you definitely can build your own ideal application based on the knowledge your learn from here.

Specially, if you want to build an e-commerce marketplace that need the ability to accept online customer payments then here we go. You will learn the easiest way to accept payments with your Django web applications.


  • You should understand basic of HTML and CSS.

  • Basic understand of how String, Functions and oriented objects works.

  • You want to learn Python in quick way :)

What skills will we learn during this project?

  • Learn how to setup virtual environment to work with Python.

  • Learn how to work with MVC Model in your Python application.

  • Leverage the power of Django to simplify your code and effort to build a real app.

  • Learn how to work with Python code in HTML templates.

  • Applying Bootstrap templates into your code.

  • Learn how to deal with static resources in development and production.

  • Learn how to use third party to power up your app.

  • Learn how to deploy your Python application on a real hosting.

What features will we build in this project?

  • A two sided marketplace which is suitable for crowdsourcing idea.

  • Signing up with Facebook.

  • Administration Dashboard for Super Admin.

  • Payment Gateway with Braintree/PayPal.

  • Uploading photos from client to server side.

  • Dashboard for end-users.

  • Creating Review for gigs.

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    Eddie Espinal

    I loved the course, you did an amazing job explaining everything in details and was very easy to follow. I wish you could had included more stuff, such as email, regular registration/login without facebook,] and five star ratings for the reviews. Overall this is a great tutorial and can't wait to see what else you will teach in Django/Python.

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    Gonzalo Zapater

    The best courses here and Leo is very accountable and supportive

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    Chi An

    Perfect tutorial ! I'm now to web develop and actually learned a lot from this course. no doubt 10 for 10 on my rating !

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    Excellent course and FAST! Very Fast!

  • 1c86af4ba2382205aa3ef7a3e8b4a96c

    Diwesh Saxena

    Your each and every course is a new road to learning something real and efficient. Thanks a ton for your efforts.

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    Anish Dalal

    Unlike many other tutorials online, this course makes it very clear why certain Django principles are useful. You are not just learning Django randomly, but rather Leo does an excellent job introducing the principles at the right time. You start with an end goal in mind (ie. a Fiverr-like website) and it allows you to not only the HOW but the WHY.

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    The course is very clear and detailed. Helps me a lot! In only 6 hours, the course gives me more information on how to utilize Django. I definitely recommend this course.

  • 786e1b60232d0a303d6cc94020350ff6

    Henry Kers

    The video structure is well-done. Information are very clear. Absolutely my favorite course. Thanks!

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    Jane Collins

    Your course is very practical & understandable. Please inform me when you got your pro course in Swift & Python.

  • 10bc523ed730ef33d0e6d4852401e8e9

    Matt Ress

    Leo is very responsive to individual support when needed. It was great experience for me to learn this.

  • 5ce1b3167a5b2d8aeaacc992862da0d3

    Dane Lams

    My background of coding & programming was really weak. But when I was introduced by my friend to your course, I see skills are improving day by day. 5 stars for your great work.

  • Fc4b2d485c68c0625682967e4d7181cc

    Roswell Nat

    Leo’s instruction is very clear and easy to follow. Helps me a lot. Thanks Leo!

  • E8a2df87c32253ae68c3f3bac55f447c

    Dane Markham

    I was new to this course and I really got a lot of tools to improve my skills in code. Highly recommended.

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    Yasunaka Cho

    This is the most effective course to learn how Python and Django work as long as I know. I had almost none prior experiences with Python and Django, but this 6 hours course gives me a good understanding of how it works by cloning Fiverr. I definitely recommend you to take this course:)

  • Starter

    Welcome to our project called Sixerr in which I’m going to teach you Python and Django by creating a 2 sided marketplace like Fiverr. I will show you guys couple of business ideas that I think you’re definitely be able to build base off what you...

    • What are we building in this project? 2:37  
    • Tech stacks and tools 2:42  
  • Task 1 - Setting up

    As the first task, we're going to install all tools and tech stacks that we will be using in our project. Let's get start!

    • Python 2:35  
    • Heroku 1:49  
    • Braintree-PayPal 2:15  
    • Atom 2:59  
  • Task 2 - Get Started

    In this task, we’re going to create our project from empty folder and setup the virtual environment for our Django project. You will learn how to do it easily with step by step.

    • Initialise project 8:25  
    • Create Home Page 6:33  
    • Working with layout templates 9:56  
    • URL name and static resources 5:37  
  • Task 3 - Authenticate with Facebook

    In this task, you will be learning how to create authentication with Facebook so users can sign up or sign in with their Facebook account which makes your app more easy to use. Also, you will be learning how to config Python Urls pattern.

    • Create Facebook App 4:22  
    • Setting up Facebook Auth 4:24  
    • Refactoring configuration for URL pattern 5:09  
    • Login/Logout with Facebook 10:13  
  • Task 4 - Refactor Base Template

    In this task, we’re going to add Bootstrap into our project and you will be learning how to customise Bootstrap for our Python project.

    • Add Bootstrap 4:26  
    • Add Navbar 8:15  
    • Add Footer 4:56  
  • Task 5 - Heroku

    In this task, you will be learning how to setup and configure database with static resources for our application so that we can push it on Heroku, a free hosting. This is very interesting and practical because you then can show your app to anyone...

    • Setting up Heroku for Python 3:26  
    • Configure static resources on Heroku 3:36  
    • Configure database 9:33  
  • Task 6 - Redesign front end templates

    In this task, we’re going to re-design couple of front-end page including the base template, the home page and the gig details page.

    • Update base templates 5:48  
    • Update Home Page 7:29  
    • Update Gig Detail Page 11:11  
  • Task 7 - Create Database Models

    This task would be interesting as we’re going to create models for database. At the moment, we’re using the default User model from Django with basic info like email, password, etc and everything is fine. But what if we want to have extra fields...

    • Create Profile Model 5:48  
    • Save avatar from Facebook to database 10:17  
    • Create Gig Model 11:12  
  • Task 8 - Add Model into Views

    In this task, you will be learning how to work with Model and View in Python. In fact, we're going to our database model into our front-end pages.

    • Update base templates 2:13  
    • Update Home Page 2:53  
    • Update Gig Detail Page 4:28  
  • Task 9 - Working with dynamic data

    In this task, we’re going to create 2 new pages: one page for user to create a gig and one page to display all gigs belong to a single user. We also learn how to create error message for our pages.

    • Create new pages for gig 5:20  
    • Update Create-Gig page 9:12  
    • Showing error message 5:36  
    • Update My-Gig page 3:46  
    • Refactor Create-Gig page 12:28  
    • Create Edit-Gig page 3:59  
    • Update Edit-Gig page 11:32  
  • Task 10 -User Profile

    In this task, we’re going to create a profile page to display information about user as well as the list of gigs related to that user. You will be learning how to update or add a new field to an existing model.

    • Create User Profile page 5:14  
    • Update User Profile page 6:45  
    • Add Gig list to Profile page 5:50  
    • Update Profile functions 7:50  
  • Task 11 - Payment with Braintree-PayPal

    This task is one of the most favourite section in the whole course as it's dealing with money. We're going to integrate Braintree/Paypal payment system with ease and you're going to love it as you can apply what you learn here to any business...

    • Install Braintree 4:10  
    • Checkout with Braintree 13:22  
    • Create database for Purchase 5:40  
  • Task 12 - Summary pages

    In this section, we’re going to create 2 summary pages for a user. One to show all gigs that a user bought and the other one listing all gigs that a user sold.

    • Create two summary pages 5:23  
    • Create functions for summary pages 4:45  
  • Task 13 - Reviews

    In this task, we’re going to create functions for a user to review a gig after purchasing that gig. Let’s start by creating new model for Review.

    • Create Review Model 5:27  
    • Create Review form 11:56  
  • Task 14 - Final touches

    So far, our app is working perfectly but we haven’t set links for categories in the home page. In this task, we’re going to do some final touches and then deploy our awesome app to Heroku. Yay!

    • Category links 5:52  
    • Searching gigs 3:52  
    • Deploy to Heroku 4:15