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This project is a series of 3 Projects (Pikachu, Kong, Godzilla) with 3 different levels (Level 1, 2, 3). We are going to build a platform like Booking or Airbnb.

In this project, I will walk you through steps to develop apps like Booking, Hotels or Airbnb with core functionalities from scratch. You don't need to learn everything about HTML, CSS, Javascript or Ruby on Rails to just create a web application. In my methodology which I called POA (Product-Oriented-Approach), you just need to learn what you need. Doing this way, it won't make you a superstar developer but will get you something REAL quickly and efficiently, especially for Entrepreneurs & Founders.

Who It's For

  • Beginners

  • Promotion seekers

  • Entrepreneurs & Founders

  • Designers

  • Front-end Developers

What skills will we learn during this Level 1?

  • How to quickly create a web app with Ruby on Rails.

  • Style your web app easily and quickly with Bootstrap.

  • Design your UI like a modern style.

  • Use Facebook to authenticate your users.

  • How to send transactional emails with Gmail/Mailgun.

  • How to create Object models for a business idea.

  • Handle photo uploading process with AJAX.

  • Process searching function with different criteria.

  • Handle location searching on Google Map.

  • Handle jQuery event for UI controls.

What features will we build in this Level 1?

  • Simple authentication with email/password.

  • Advanced authentication with Facebook.

  • Sending transactional email when new user signed up.

  • Page for users to edit Profile

  • Page for hosts to create/edit Room

  • Photos Upload to AWS S3.

  • Room reservation system with Start Date, End Date.

  • Room searching system with different criteria.

  • Functions Allow Hosts to Create Rooms in Steps.

  • 2-way Review System.

  • AJAX Searching.


All I ask for is to pass the Free course "Learn Ruby on Rails, Heroku and Wistia APIs" with the understanding of how Rails works. That's it.

Sample Videos

Video # 1
Video # 2
Video # 3
Video # 4
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  • Intro

    • Vision of this project 2:08  
    • Here's what we're going to build 5:57  
    • Download Images + Full Source Code  
  • Task 1: Let's party

    • Install SQLiteBrowser 1:21  
    • Install Atom 2:57  
    • Install Ruby, Rails for MAC OS X 10.9 or higher  
    • Install Ruby, Rails for MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8  
    • Installing Ruby, Rails for Windows  
    • Create a simple Rails Project with Bootstrap 4:40  
  • Task 2: Basic project

    • What we're going to build in this task 1:15  
    • Create basic authentication 5:45  
    • Building navbar with partial view 11:00  
    • Authentication with full name 5:37  
    • Update authentication views 17:04  
  • Task 3: Gravatar, notification & transaction emails

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:29  
    • Gravatar 7:08  
    • Notification 10:38  
    • Sending transactional email with Gmail 10:40  
    • Sending transactional email with Mailgun 6:58  
  • Task 4: Facebook authentication

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:51  
    • Create Facebook app 1:33  
    • Create social authentication 16:57  
    • Styling our views 10:07  
    • Create user profile page 8:59  
    • Create Edit Profile page 12:39  
  • Task 5: Creating Rooms

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:49  
    • Create Room Model 6:03  
    • Create Room Controller 15:42  
    • Create Room View 22:45  
    • Styling our views 9:19  
    • Understanding the workflow 8:50  
  • Task 6: Photos

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:54  
    • Install Paperclip 2:27  
    • Create Photo Model 4:47  
    • Create Photo Controller 7:01  
    • Create Photo View 10:35  
    • Remove Photos with AJAX 8:36  
    • Amazon S3 7:20  
  • Task 7: Improving Room Creating Process

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:48  
    • Add "Check" to Room Creating 9:42  
    • Update the Photo Removing with AJAX 6:57  
    • Issue with hidden fields 5:47  
  • Task 8: Creating Views for Room

    • What we're going to build in this task 1:03  
    • Create Room Index Page 8:52  
    • Create Room Show Page 20:27  
    • Add Google Map 11:03  
    • Add Near-by Rooms 7:56  
  • Task 9: Reservations

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:55  
    • Create Reservations Model 4:07  
    • Create Reservations View 6:11  
    • Create Reservations Controller 9:19  
    • Add jQuery Date Picker 5:37  
  • Task 10: AJAX

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:56  
    • Refactoring Reservation Form 8:52  
    • AJAX for Start Date 19:51  
    • AJAX for End Date 15:03  
  • Task 11: More about Reservations

    • Create Your Trips Page 7:48  
    • Create Your Reservations Page 13:25  
    • Modify User Profile Page 6:39  
  • Task 12: Creating Reviews

    • What we're going to build in this task 1:00  
    • Creating Reviews Model 9:25  
    • Creating Reviews Controller 17:47  
    • Creating Reviews View 15:29  
    • Creating Show Reviews Page 16:50  
    • Adding jQuery Raty 2:32  
    • Add Stars to Reviews 8:34  
  • Task 13: Searching

    • What we're going to build in this task 1:05  
    • Update Home Page 8:06  
    • Creating Search Page 13:17  
    • Create Search Function 17:12  
    • Add Google Map 16:03  
    • AJAX Searching 10:32  
    • Add jQuery Pricing Slider 6:50  
  • Task 14: Home Page

    • What we're going to build in this task 0:45  
    • Modify Home Page 7:02  
    • Improving Home Page 6:56  
    • Auto Location Suggestion 7:11  
  • What's Next? - Airbnb Level 2

    • About Level 2 - AirKong Project 5:35