Build UberEats - Mobile app for Drivers
  • 3.5 hours total video
  • 5 completed modules
  • Full source code

How to build UberEats with Python/Django and Swift (for iOS) - LEVEL 3


What you will learn

Create a Super Admin Dashboard to handle everything as a SaaS
How to build an Authentication process for Restaurants
Hosting the web app LIVE on Heroku
How to program upload and store photos in Cloud
Handle real-time notification when new orders come in
Draw statistic Bar & Pie charts
The process to listen and respond API requests from clients
Visa & Credit card process with Stripe
Build POST & GET API requests between Server and Mobile Clients
Design and organize a mobile app architecture
Handling address location on Google Map
Real-time showing Driver's location
Driver picks an order up for delivery
Weekly Revenue chart on iOS app


What are we building?
In this project, I will walk you through the steps to develop apps like UberEats with core functionalities from scratch.

You will learn how to build your own system for Food Delivery with Python/Django and Swift (for iOS mobile app).

The whole system includes
  • Web App for Restaurants [Python]:
    Web Application Dashboard for restaurants to register, create Meals and monitor Orders

  • Mobie App for Customers [Swift]:
    Customers use this app to browse, place the order and track the order's status in real-time

  • Mobile App for Couriers [Swift]:
    Couriers/Drivers will use this app to pick up the orders from Restaurant and deliver food to the customers

What makes this project so special?
  • 2 Programming Languages in 1:
    Learning 2 popular & modern programming languages are in high demand in both startups and bigger companies - Python & Swift.

  • Web app + Mobile app:
    There are no other courses in the market that cover both the skills and complexity to build a comprehensive system that has a mobile app working with a web app

  • Anyone can learn this project:
    Newbies without knowledge of coding can definitely take this project as it is designed to cover the foundation of Python & Swift as well as real practical skill sets

  • Real-life Startup approach:
    We've going to clone the idea of UberEats or Doordash but don't limit yourself to that. With the principles, knowledge and programming skills in this project, you are absolutely able to apply what you learned to any business idea

  • Monetize this project:
    This is what we love most! While it is great to add this to your portfolio or CV to attract employers, why don't you just make it a side project that helps your community and make you money!



Profile Layout


Display Driver's Location


Tracking Driver's Location for Customer

Course Content

Module 1 - Designing UI

Side Menu and Orders List 11:22

Add Switcher 12:18

Ready Orders Layout 6:42

Delivery Map Layout 8:14

Earnings Layout 3:34

Profile Layout 7:30

Profile Form 13:11

Module 2 - Driver's Profile

Get Driver's Profile 7:26

Update Driver's Profile 9:18

Module 3 - Ready Orders

Ready Orders List 7:38

Display Ready Orders 9:26

Pickup Function 10:12

Module 4 - Real-time Delivery Map

Display Customer Details 11:24

Display Locations on the Map 3:58

Display Driver's Location 7:38

Save Driver's Location in Database 8:26

Tracking Driver's Location for Customer 12:59

Customize Markers 14:10

Completing an Order 13:53

Module 5 - Driver's Earnings

Earnings Chart View 3:50

Draw Bar Chart 11:01

Download Source Code