Build Fiverr clone with Rails 6
  • 6 hours total video
  • 8 completed modules
  • Full source code

Build marketplace for freelancers like Fiverr with Rails 6 - LEVEL 2


What you will learn

Payment and Payout methods for a 2-side marketplace
Creating Dashboard for super admin
Sending SMS notifications to users
Building an in-app Wallet system
Payout with Paypal API for creators


In this project, you will be learning how to build a 2 sided marketplace like Fiverr with Ruby on Rails, a payment gateway. This project will take you through everything from setup to execution and from an empty folder to a real app…but it won't stop there. You won’t just be watching these’ll actually build this site yourself. It is a series of 3 Projects (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).

Especially, if you want to build an e-commerce marketplace that needs the ability to accept online customer payments then here we go. You will learn the easiest way to accept payments with your Ruby on Rails web applications.

What features will we build in this LEVEL 2?
  • Accept/Reject multiple offers
  • User settings for Payment and Payout methods
  • Earning Dashboard listing all history transactions for revenue and expenses
  • Sending SMS Notification when a seller got new sales
  • [Advanced] User identification with SMS (via mobile #) with Facebook Account Kit
  • [Advanced] Credit Card processing with Stripe when buying a service
  • [Advanced] Build your own Wallet system handling income and expense
  • [Advanced] Build the Super Admin Dashboard (back-end) monitoring everything like Categories, Users, Jobs, for the whole platform
  • [Advanced] Super Admin can approve/reject Withdraw requests from sellers
  • [Advanced] Super Admin can view the Wallet history of specific users
  • [Advanced] Especially, the Escrow System that keeps track of funds per user and payout accordingly via Paypal API



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About module 5


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Course Content

Module 1 - Request

About module 1 1:28

Request Model and Controller 10:50

Create new request 21:34

Edit existing request 6:25

Manage my requests 11:18

List all requests 19:15

Show a request 13:41

Module 2 - Offer

About module 2 1:55

Offer model and controller 7:24

Create new offer 12:25

Show offers of a request 11:09

Show all offers of current user 9:40

Accept or reject an offer 18:29

Module 3 - Review

About module 3 1:15

Review model and controller 5:17

Review View 14:52

Create Review 7:24

Show Review 9:16

Module 4 - Searching

About module 4 1:10

Search page with Category 10:29

Search page with Results 12:19

Search page with different filters 17:03

Search page with Sorting 6:07

Search page with Paging 6:32

Search page with Unique Gigs 5:23

Module 5 - Home page

About module 5 1:02

Create home page 11:56

Update home page 9:02

Update Navigation bar 6:58

Module 6 - Mobile Number Verification

About module 6 1:19

Facebook Account Kit 1:41

User - Mobile verification controller 10:14

User - Mobile verification view 14:19

User - avatar status 5:54

Module 7 - Payments

About module 7 0:53

Create Stripe Account 1:21

Stripe Setting Up 9:30

Payment method 15:38

Payout method 9:14

Secret Credential 8:41

Module 8 - Checkout

About module 8 1:09

Payment with Credit Card 22:46

Payment with System Wallet 22:49

Download Source Code