Build a crowdsourced delivery app with Python/Django and PWA
  • 6.5 hours total video
  • 8 completed modules
  • Full source code

Build Crowdsourced Delivery App with Python/Django and Progressive Web App - LEVEL 2


What you will learn

GPS Tracking in Real-time
Mobile Number Verification (SMS)
Push Notification via Firebase
Go LIVE on Heroku


Problem > Opportunity
The pandemic pushed small businesses online. With an estimated one-third of the global population on lockdown, thousands of small businesses, retailers or even mom-and-pop shops have moved to the online space. Pick-up and delivery services have never been in higher demand.

Solution > Crowdsourced Delivery System
Crowdsourced delivery is an emerging method of fulfillment that leverages networks of local, non-professional couriers to deliver packages to customers’ doors (faster, cost-effective & more flexible delivery).

What are we building?
Learn how to build your own On-demand Delivery with Python/Django and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). A new solution for the current pandemic.

Courier - Progressive Web App
  • List all jobs on Google Map
  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Route with distance and time
  • Taking photo from device’s camera
  • Total Earnings and Driven miles
  • Google Map API libraries
  • Push Notification

Super Admin Dashboard
  • Super Admin Authentication
  • Backend Dashboard with Django
  • Monitor Customers, Couriers, Orders
  • Mobile Number Verification (SMS)
  • Handle Payout with Paypal API



Display Jobs On The Map


Take Pickup Photo



Course Content

Module 1 - Available Jobs Page

Courier Model 6:12

Page Structure 11:30

Show Google Map 5:46

Display Jobs On The Map 14:27

Job Details Card 10:56

Improve Map 6:35

Module 2 - Pickup Job

Courier Job Details Page 8:39

Design Job Details Page 8:29

Job Details Page - Function 3:10

Module 3 - My Jobs

Create Current Job Page 11:49

Show Courier's Location 11:20

Design Pickup Photo Page 11:05

Take Pickup Photo 10:44

Update Photo and Status 11:34

Complete Job 7:48

Confirm Job Page 7:44

Module 4 - Courier Profile

Archived Jobs Page 7:39

Create Profile Page 11:24

Module 5 - Payout

Create Payout Page 14:37

Update Transaction 9:30

Setup Paypal Account 5:42

Payout 24:37

Module 6 - Push Notification

Firebase Cloud Messaging Token 15:33

Send Push Notification 16:22

Module 7 - Web Socket

Setup Web Socket 19:16

Courier's Location on Map 19:13

Customer's Map in Real-time 10:17

Accept Job in Real-time 4:24

Module 8 - Deploy

PWA 10:17

Deploy on Heroku 17:10

Heroku Redis 11:48

Download Source Code