Learn how to create NodeJS webapp
  • 4 hours total video
  • 11 completed modules
  • Full source code

Build Collaborative editor and Real-time video call with NodeJS


What you will learn

Setup environment and tools for NodeJS
Use 3rd libraries to power up your app
Work with object models and MongoDB database
Handle form submission and validation in NodeJS
Integrate Facebook authentication
Real-time transactions with
Bootstrap templates into your code
Create your own peer-to-peer server
Deploy your NodeJS application on production


In this project, you will be learning how to build a collaborative platform with a real-time code editor so that you can share what you are coding/typing on the screen with other people at the same time, just like Google Docs. Also, I will teach you how to create a video call function for this app like FaceTime.

This project will take you through everything from setup to execution and from an empty folder to a real app…but it won't stop there. You won’t just be watching these’ll actually build this site yourself. With a minimum of basic Javascript, you will see this project is super easy and fast to get started and you definitely can build your own ideal application based on the knowledge you learn from here.

Even better if you do a business in which you offer pair training or mentoring of how to code or how to debug someone’s project and then you will charge them for an hourly rate or something like that. Just like CodeMentor.

  • You should understand basic of HTML and CSS
  • Basic understand of Javascript & NodeJS
  • You want to learn how to build a NodeJS web app in quick way :)

What features will we build in this project?
  • A collaborative platform with code editor and video call
  • Authenticate with email & password
  • Authenticate with Facebook
  • Sending transactional emails
  • Real-time collaborative code editor like Google Docs
  • Real-time chat message like Facebook Messenger
  • Real-time video call like FaceTime
  • Hosting the app on a live host



About module 4


About module 5


About module 8

Course Content

Module 1 - Starter

Vision of this project 3:22

What are we building? 5:18

Module 2 - Setting up

Install NodeJS and npm 3:56

Install GUI Tool for MongoDB database 1:44

Create your first web app 2:50

Module 3 - Start here

About module 3 0:43

Understanding project's structure 6:50

Implementing Bootstrap 7:06

Create your first static page 5:25

Module 4 - Forms and Transactional emails

About module 4 0:51

Create Contact page 9:55

Form validation 11:12

Sending Transactional Emails 10:32

Module 5 - Authentication with Email

About module 5 0:39

Create Register & Login page 7:15

Create database for User 6:38

Register with Email & Password 22:24

Login with Email & Password 9:19

Logout function 4:48

Module 6 - Authentication with Facebook

About module 6 0:45

Create Facebook app 1:29

Authenticate with Passport Facebook 14:00

Module 7 - Creating Tasks for code editor

About module 7 0:54

Create Task function 9:24

Module 8 - Chat system (

About module 8 0:58

Create Code Editor 7:23

Create Chat function 19:49

Create Room chat 8:10

Module 9 - Collaborative Code editor

About module 9 1:14

Sharing code editor 13:19

Save task to database 7:36

Module 10 - Real-time video call

About module 10 0:42

Create UI for video call 8:14

Create account for PeerJS Server 1:41

Setting up WebRTC 12:03

Module 11 - Go Live

Heroku & Mlab 5:00

Heroku Deployment 10:50

Updating Gmail & Facebook settings 7:47

Create our own Peer Server for video call 12:49