Airbnb 2 is a series of 3 Projects (Pikachu, Kong, Godzilla) with 3 different levels (Level 1, 2, 3).
We are going to build a platform like Airbnb. The system includes Web app and Mobile app with rich features:

Air-Pikachu (Level 1)

Re-create Airbnb 1 with Rails 5 and new code

  • Web User Interface New

  • Authentication with Email + Facebook

  • Transactional Emails

  • User Identification with Email

  • Custom Notification with jQuery and CSS New

  • Functions Allow Hosts to Create Rooms in Steps New

  • Functions Allow Guests to Book Reservations

  • Photos Upload to AWS S3 New

  • 2-way Review System New

  • AJAX Searching New

Air-Kong (Level 2)

Next Level with Advanced Features

  • Dashboard for Hosts + Guests

  • User Identification with SMS (via mobile #) Advanced

  • Real-time Private Message with ActionCable Advanced

  • Setting Instant/Request Booking

  • Calendar - Setting Availability and Price Advanced

  • Calendar - Showing Reservations Advanced

  • Payments with Credit Card (via Stripe) Advanced

  • Payout to Hosts with Stripe Connect Advanced

  • Revenue Charts for Hosts

  • Sending Email Notification When Booking Successfully

  • Sending SMS When Booking Successfully Advanced

Air-Godzilla (Level 3)

Server APIs Rails 5

  • APIs to Handle User Authentication

  • APIs to Handle Rooms and Reservations

  • APIs to Handle Payments with Stripe

Airbnb Mobile App React Native

  • Running on both iOS and Android

  • User Authentication with Facebook

  • Update User Profile

  • Update User Credit/Visa card

  • Listing and Seaching Rooms Functions

  • Booking a room with Credit Card via Stripe

  • Calendar Showing Reservations

  • Approving/Declining a booking request

If you have any questions, please comment below :)